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End of July Update - 7/30/2021

Greetings fellow browsers,

As you can tell from the title, I'vw officially turned eighteen this month and became an adult, now learning to take care and trying to do things by myself if any of my parents aren't home. Today I will go over the announcements as I'll try do my best to give out as much information for every announcement and update as possible. Without further ado, let's get started, shall we?

A new project has been announced

I have officially announced a new project that I've planned to release this year. With that in mind, let's get started.

The first project in this lineup is Buckley Buddies!

For this aforementioned project that I revealed, this project takes many inspirations from my childhood, partially from the Toontastic videos that I made on my iPad 2 along with my two younger sisters back when I was in the fourth grade, and from one of the "plush videos" that I usually watch during my elementary school years. I had a blast during my childhood years making videos with my two sisters among others as one of my Toontastic videos never gets old and despite not having enough "Mario" plushies to make a video and had to make them out of Mega Bloks before I outgrown them along with my sisters.

For those who are wondering about my Pixirokuzo project, I rename and merged my other future projects except for MD: Zirkhromic to form into my aforementioned project that I announced, since almost all of my Pixirokuzo characters except Blokyo weren't my inspirations to my childhood, and I felt like most of my characters were either one-dimensional or almost have no personality whatsoever with a bland premise and uninteresting plots especially the April Fools picture that I made back then. Buckley Buddies will be a web series in which it will be both made in a series of comic strips and animated shorts featuring Buckley as for his fellow buddies as the main star of the series.

I plan to release the first comic strip as well for my first animated short of my project later this year, but I'm not sure what date I should put here since the development of the project has started. If you have more questions about this series, contact me via Guestbook for more information about the series.

Now that this section is done, let's continue with some updates about my life so far.

My Personal Life in the summer so far!

My life in the summer was quite busy, but I had a lot of fun. I was able to participate in the graduation ceremony on June 2nd and I'm really happy that I finally graduated high school and got my diploma. Now it's time for me to attend college to transfer to University. I really had fun at my graduation party that I held along with my cousins and family that I celebrated, I had a blast celebrating my graduation party at home.

I also recently passed the writing test after failing a few times, since I was able to study well and I don't have to be nervous or stressed about it, which I didn't have any issues about after I studied a dozen times. I will take the driving test, but I still need to practice my driving techniques as it will take for me to get used to it and try to make myself more confident about driving.

That's pretty much it for my life during the summertime; let's move on.

Art Fight 2021

I heard that Art Fight is still going and I'm not pretty sure If I can join and make art since the event is nearly over and I still need to have more time getting used to driving before I attend college and make my schedule on which class to choose.

I still have my Art Fight account in my profile; if you wish to check it out please click on the link is down below:

Art Fight - Quixolite's Profile

Anyways, let's move on!

Discord Server Announcement

I have made a special announcement for all of you guys because I have officially made my Discord Server which is still in development. When I open my Discord Server to the public, you are free to join my Discord server and you can chat about anything from video games, to tv shows, to movies, etc.

My Discord Server will launch this summer or later, so be prepared for the grand opening when my server opens to the public.

Before we wrap things up, I would like to make one last announcement for today, and things are going to be different. It's time to move to our final announcement for today!

Poltrokaox is now in development!

That's right everyone! As you can see from the logo above. The development of Poltrokaox (formerly Magnetar Duel: Zirkhromic) has begun. It took me about three months to find an interesting name for my current project, so I can rename my current project's name. Since the name wasn't that interesting and the premise of the series was kinda uninspiring as it's another generic card battle monster-collecting game. I spent many months developing many concepts such as characters, the story, and the main mechanics for the game.

My project was originally going to be more of a monster-collecting game, where you collect, customize, trade, and summon your monsters to assist you in battle just like many monster-collecting games that use this formula. Unfortunately, I have to scrap this concept completely, since I got so tired with this sub-genre nowadays, and to what it's worth I think I got many of my crazy inspiration from the designs, to the characters, and even attempt to imitate Pokemon or other monster-collecting franchise, to the point where I began to run of ideas and can't decide what character I should make next, after I made about 500 characters for my project as it was very tedious for me to create a ton of characters for my monster-collecting game. I've been working on my own monster-collecting game for over seven years hoping my monster-collecting would be a hit. Unfortunately, things have to go since I scrapped the monster-collecting mechanic permanently.

Another note is that this project was originally going to split into two different versions just like Pokemon, with different creatures and story plots found in both versions, but was completely scrapped and the game was made into a singular version instead.

Unlike many other role-playing games, this game will be taken into a more mature tone, as many parts of the story will not be suitable for anyone who is under thirteen. With that being said, here is the full premise of the project that I wrote down below:

Set in the year 2180 in the city of Protopitas, the mysterious bug has disappeared from it's capsule for almost twelve years and he's about to cause chaos through the satellites in the city. Copper, a 13-year-old boy, was aware about this and decides to find more information about this strange creature, with the help of his teammates his goal is to uncover the mystery behind a bug before everything falls into the wrong hands.

As you can see from the premise above, this project will focus on the first arc of the series, as the series will be spitted into four arcs each. This game will be a top-down action-role playing game, while retaining the level-up system as the game will include experience points as well. Not to mention that you get to control eighteen different characters with each of these characters and are determined by their property, a type of elemental affliction. I also wanted to include extra content such as multiplayer where you can play locally or online and see who has the skill of earning the most points, plus you can play multiplayer in adventure mode as well.

The release date for Poltrokaox is expected to be released somewhere in late 2024 or early 2025. Be sure to check more updates on the project.

That's it for these announcements for this day, and man this was a long one to make as it only took about a couple of weeks to make this update. If you have any questions regarding the announcement I make please comment down below if you have questions and I'll answer them as usual, but otherwise.

Have a good day!

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